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FORMAT: SET 3x5 ml


An exclusive intensive youth set. It contains three ampoules with a maximum concentration of active ingredients for intensive and personalized treatments. 

The Re-Juvenating Potion serum is rich in antioxidant and anti-aging active ingredients that intensely nourish the skin, giving it a uniform appearance and a rested and radiant complexion. 

ACTIVE : hyaluronic acid, black caviar

The Re-Lift & Nourishing serum gives the skin instant nourishment, leaving it fresh and radiant. The moisturizing and lifting actives of this ampoule give a more uniform appearance to the complexion. 

ACTIVE : phyto collagen, Nannochloropis oculata microalgae complex

The Prodigious Eye Contour serum gives the eye contour area brightness and freshness. It instantly penetrates to deeply nourish this fragile and delicate area, which is more uniform and compact. 

ACTIVE : nonapeptide, white orchid


How to use : apply on the face and / or around the eyes in the evening before the specific cream. Gently tap to make the active ingredients penetrate instantly.  

Face & Night Re-Rejuvenating Potion Set

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