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Nail tidy, soak, cuticle conditioning, hand and arm massage followed by polish.
£15    (20 mins) 

Soak Off Gel and Reapplication - Hands
Shellac removal and reapplication for hands, includes cuticle work.
£30  (approx 40 mins) 

Soak Off Shellac and Reapplication - Feet
Shellac removal and reapplication for feet, includes a full pedicure. 
 (approx 40-50 mins)
Foot Spa Pedicure 
Invigorating foot bath stimulating circulation.  Cuticle work, deep exfoliation and rasp work followed by a foot massage and paint.
£30    (approx 40 mins)  

Shellac Manicure
Shellac nail colour can last for up to 2 weeks as it provides a strong non chip coat applied to the natural nail.  Due to its longevity it is a popular nail treatment for holidays, weddings, special occasions or if you're simply wanting to grow your nails,  Shellac provides added protection and strength.
£25   (approx 30 mins)

Shellac Spa Pedicure
Invigorating foot bath spa, cuticle work and file, luxurious foot massage and shellac polish.
   (approx 40 mins) 
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