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This precious skincare treatment has become an integral part of many women's beauty routines. Often, however, its characteristics and real strengths are not fully known, nor are the methods of use clear or why it is really worth inserting one into your daily beauty ritual.

To fully understand the value and importance of the serum in combating problems, imperfections, wrinkles or simply to give immediate vigor to the skin, we have compiled a list that will reveal everything you need to know!

1. HOW IS A SERUM APPLIED? Serums are usually applied to a cleansed face before the cream . Apply by distributing the product with movements from the inside to the outside of the face, without forgetting the neck and décolleté. Warning: the serum should not be massaged! A tip: avoid the eye contour area ! 2. AT WHAT AGE IS IT ESSENTIAL TO START USING IT? There is no specific age to start using a serum. What matters is the desired level of performance. In fact, combining the serum with the cream maximizes the effectiveness of the treatment! 3. CAN THE SERUM ALSO BE USED ON YOUNG SKIN? Absolutely yes! If the skin has specific needs or a particular result is sought, even the very young can use moisturizing, anti-imperfection or illuminating serums . Prevention is one of the most important aspects to ensure the health and beauty of the skin! 4. ARE THERE ANY SKIN SIGNS THAT LET US KNOW IT'S TIME TO USE A SERUM? If the signs that the skin shows appear accentuated compared to the norm, or if it is a period of particular stress, it may happen that the skin is also affected, showing evidence that can be different from person to person: redness, dehydration, imperfections, spots or signs of aging. Using a serum increases the effectiveness of the treatment and therefore it can be an excellent idea to use boosters to achieve the desired result! 5. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SERUM AND A CREAM? Serum and cream should be used in combination because the results they offer are in synergy. The serum acts in depth , where the skin cells are more receptive, while the cream acts more on the surface, giving comfort to the epidermis . Furthermore, the active ingredients of the serum and cream are usually complementary and the serum also allows the active ingredients of the cream to be conveyed in depth. The last difference is in terms of texture: creams tend to be richer or more fluid while serums are more watery or gel. 6. CAN THE SERUM BE USED INSTEAD OF A CREAM OR ALWAYS IN COMBINATION? It is always better to use serum and cream together precisely because they perform different but complementary functions. 7. HOW DO YOU KNOW WHICH SERUM IS BEST SUITED TO YOU? If the sensation received after application is of poor comfort, or on the contrary the skin tends to produce sebum too quickly on access, then the serum is not correct. At the same time, you can change the serum if you notice that the make-up changes during the day and the hold is not perfect. 8. IS IT BETTER TO APPLY IT IN THE MORNING OR IN THE EVENING? The serum should be applied twice a day because during the day and at night the skin has different behaviors and it is good to choose serums that will accompany us with different responses during the day or night phase. 9. CAN IT BE USED EVERY DAY? Yes of course. Serum is simply a cosmetic that acts specifically on our skin! 10. IS IT APPROPRIATE TO ALTERNATE DIFFERENT TYPES OF SERUM, DEPENDING ON THE TEMPERATURES OR THE SEASONS? It would be good to choose the serum based on the seasonality and specific needs of the skin: in the summer a moisturizing or soothing product (if we have taken too much sun) and in the winter a more nourishing serum or one that works on the specific needs of the skin! FIND OUT WHICH SERUM BEST SUITS YOUR NEEDS!

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